Aurora Geosciences (Alaska) Ltd
Physical Address:
1901 Davis Avenue
Suite B1
Juneau, AK 99801

Hours of Operation: Call Aurora Geosciences (Alaska) Ltd for more information.
Phone: (907)789-7672

Aurora Geosciences (Alaska) Ltd serves Juneau in the following areas of business:
  • Geotechnical Engineers: Juneau commonly provides Geotechnical Engineers and test borings engineers, subsurface testing engineers, rock engineers, soil testing engineers, geotechnical engineering
  • Geologists: Juneau commonly provides Geologists and study minerals, rocks formations, geological researchers, scientific study, scientific studies
  • Geophysicists: Juneau commonly provides Geophysicists and earth sciences, rocks samples, seismic data, gravity data
  • Mineral Explorations: Juneau commonly provides Mineral Explorations and geological surveys, mining explorations, mineral mining explorations, mineral beds, drilling and exploration, boring and exploration
  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Development: Juneau commonly provides Oil and Gas Exploration and Development and oil and gas industry exploration and development, oil and gas research for exploration and development, oil production, oils and gases explore and development
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