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Royse and Associates Training

Alaska's #1 Real Estate Training & Consulting Team
Physical Address:
151 W 92nd Ave
Anchorage, AK 99515

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
Primary Contact: President: Jerry Royse
Manager: Cheryl Imbriani

Phone: 907-563-3086
Fax: 1-888-688-2035

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Royse and Associates is Alaska's leading Real Estate resource and training company for over 20 years.

Royse and Associates provides classes in Continuing Education, Technology, Business Planning, real estate Prelicensing and real estate Post Licensing to attain or maintain your real estate license in the state of Alaska. All real estate classes are available via Correspondence or in a comfortable setting with gourmet food and best-in-class instructors with experience in advanced certification training in 46 states and 5 countries.

Additionally Jerry Royse, of Royse and Associates, is Alaska's Leading Expert witness on real estate related issues and is qualified as an expert witness in federal and state court, both criminal and civil matters. He also serves in defense of real estate licensees in many real estate commission hearings and related matters.

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Royse and Associates Training serves Anchorage and Juneau in the following areas of business:
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  • Computer Education: Juneau may provide Computer Education and computers learning software, computers software tutorials, computers learning games, computers teaching, computers teachers
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  • Computer Training: Juneau may provide Computer Training and computers training service, computers training schools, computers instruction, computers training software
  • Correspondence Courses: Juneau may provide Correspondence Courses and home study courses, home schools courses, learn in spare time courses, online schools courses
  • Customer Management: Juneau may provide Customer Management and customer supports, customer services, customer relations, customer education, consumers education
  • Distance Education: Juneau may provide Distance Education and online schools, online education, home study education, online degrees, correspondent courses
  • Education Consultants: Juneau may provide Education Consultants and education counselors, school counselors, vocations counselors, careers counselors
  • Education & Training: Juneau may provide Education and Training and ojt, on the job training, jobs education
  • Health Education: Juneau may provide Health Education and healthy living, health information, health advise, health promotion
  • Motivational & Self Improvement Training: Juneau may provide Motivational and Self Improvement Training and self help training, self improvement tapes, personal development training, success coaching, life coaches, motivational and self-improvement training
  • Personnel Training Service: Juneau may provide Personnel Training Service and businesses training services, self improvement training services, career training services, advanced training services
  • Real Estate Associate Brokers: Juneau may provide Real Estate Associate Brokers and real estate, broker associate, real estate sales, real estate management, real estate agents, real estate licensees
  • Real Estate Research: Juneau may provide Real Estate Research and real estate reports, property valuation, real estate education, real estate appraisal
  • Real Estate Training & Schools: Juneau may provide Real Estate Training and Schools and broker training, real estate school, real estate continuing education, career in real estate
  • Sales Training & Software: Juneau may provide Sales Training and Software and sales training videos and software, sales computer training and software, training software services, sales trading guides, sales training manuals, sales training programs, sales training classes, sales training boot camp
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