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Adventure Bound Alaska

Unforgettable Glacier and Fjord Cruise.
Physical Address:
76 Egan Dr.
Juneau, AK 99801-1320

Mailing Address:
PO Box 23013
Juneau, AK 99802-3013

Hours of Operation:
For reservations or further information, please call Adventure Bound Alaska.
Owner: Steven Weber
Primary Contact: Winnona Weber

Phone: 907-463-2509
Toll Free: 1-800-228-3875

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Adventure Bound Alaska is an excellent adventure for anyone, with spectacular scenery viewing, wildlife viewing such as bears, mountain goats, hundreds of harbor seals, and a variety of birds. With breathtaking mountains and waterfalls over a mile high, that tumble down to the emerald green water.

Tracy Arm is located about 40 miles south of Juneau. A classic fjord, stands out as a "must see" for any Alaska vacation. Full day cruise departs from downtown Juneau and includes Alaska's greatest combination of mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, glaciers and icebergs.

The Sawyer Glaciers are active tidewater glaciers. Pieces of ice anywhere from the size of a small car to a cruise ship fall off the face of the glacier and hit the water with a thunderous roar. No matter how many times you visit the Sawyer Glaciers, it is always a thrill to see a calving event.

Our vessels have stable, smooth riding, ocean going hulls for the best cruise to Tracy Arm and the Sawyer Glaciers. A full walk-around deck and large cabin windows assure unobstructed views and great photo opportunities. Personal attention is unsurpassed. Our vessels are United States Coast Guard inspected. They are equipped with long range radios, emergency beacons, Sonar, Radar, GPS and inflatable lifesaving equipment. Steven Weber, owner and operator, has over 40 years experience as a licensed U.S. Merchant Marine officer

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